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Naughty teacher New Hot
(Added on 20-Sep-2015)
Ever have that crush on your teacher or professor? Remember how you wanted to fuck her? What if you would had that chance back in school, would you have the balls to bang her? Even if you know your girlfriend could pop back in anytime minute? Did you get an "A" for fucking,sucking and making out when in school?.... What if the teacher of your dreams taught that would you take the course? What if she showed up at your door and seduced you for the final exam, would you go for it?... Well inside this story teacher/professor Sally D'angelo seduces andteaches all the moves to her student Connor Cox with nonstop action even when Connors girlfriend catches them in the act, as the sparks fly Sally puts the little bitch right in her place and doesn't miss a stroke on her boyfriends 10" COCK ... SNEAKING/FUCKING/HAND JOB/BLOW JOB/ DOGGY/ TITTY CUM SHOT , is all taught in this one, sit back and fantasize this is you
Naughty Teacher [ 1142.02 MB | 31:02 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Mommy Made Us FUCK New Hot
(Added on 16-Jul-2015)
Stepmom .............. Sally D'angelo......... Taylor Stiff............... Have you heard of SMILFs Stepmoms I would like to FUCK....... I just got married again , met this guy in Vegas "working" wink wink and I'll be damn if he didn't marry my ass,.. well he has kids (who doesn't right) and one night his youngest shows up when (daddy wasn't home) , (just how am I supposed to entertain a twenty year old).... we got past the normal chit chat and I went back to my room to RUB one out,(I thought in private) guess what the little fucker is a pervert, not only a pervert but a virgin pervert , I catch him peaking through my doorway , "that's it buddy, you want to watch me naked then you get naked to, STRIP OFF" what a shy one this guy is, never seen a pussy up close let alone fuck one , he can't even look at me he's so embarrassed .... So I thought I would have some fun and teach him the birds and the bees ....."don't cum in mommies pussy until I tell you to"....Taboo, CreamPIE, Thigh Highs, Voyeur, High Heels, Young, Virgin ********************************************* Sally D'angelo's NEW Marriage is right on schedule (her eighth) she's already in bed with her step daughter Camille and guess who happens to be sneaking a peek of the action , none other than the young brother...."come in here you little fucker" "so you like watching us fuck each other do you" "get your fucking clothes off you little prick" "I'm going to make you fuck your sister" MOM please i can't fuck him, "shut up" "your going to fuck him and I'm going to have all the blackmail information I will ever need ....."so what are we waiting for? pull that COCK out and FUCK your Sister"
Mommy Made Us FUCK [ 487.49 MB | 12:25 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Stepmom [ 187.19 MB | 17:08 min:sec | 1280 x 720 px MP4 Video View
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Tormenting Lylah New Hot
(Added on 17-Jun-2015)
NEW NEW NEW STARLET Check her 20 year old naked whipped ass out
Introducing The New Lylah Ryder (20ish year old bombshell) little did (Lylah) realize when Sally D'angelo invited her over for some pool side fun and games that she would be the entertainment for the afternoon ,first off is get her in a thong bikini then offer to relax her by tying her in a lounger , did someone say tickle her? put dildos up her pussy? whip her relentlessly? spread her asshole and show the world? ....she's never been nude in front of a camera until today enjoy her fresh 20 yo nakedness before Sally turns her into a whore for every mans pleasure
Tormenting Lylah [ 534.14 MB | 12:12 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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My Toy New Hot
(Added on 08-Jun-2015)
Sally D'angelo decides to take a dominatrix coarse from whom other than the MASTER Nina Hartley , Nina starts out by hanging Sally up like a piece of meat in a butcher shop and then proceeds to torment her with her bare hands then adds some gloves to the party and continues her abuse , she fingers all her holes , whips her with several whips eats her pussy and makes cum over and over again then tops off the night by making her fuck her strap on , which by the way makes sally squirt all over the dungeon.... excellent sensual domination with many feet /ass and pussy close ups
My Fuck Toy [ 1225.97 MB | 27:56 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Grandma Sally does her grandson's BLACK buddy New Hot
(Added on 03-May-2015)
Grandma Sally finds her grandson and his BLACK buddy discussing college/video games ETC....but Sally has other thoughts in mind and sends sonny off on an errand (hopefully for enough ) time so she can seduce this HOT stud and it doesn't take long for the action to begin, first she does a slow strip followed by "helping" the youngster out of his clothes and devouring his pierced cock, it's not long before these two are into animal sex all over the bed...blow job /fucking /cunnilingus with a huge creampie .....oooops but here comes sonny back and he's not all smiles this time lol but that is what he gets for having a white whore as his Grandma
Grandma Sally does her grandson's BLACK buddy [ 1016.88 MB | 16:50 min:sec | 1920 x 1080 px MP4 Video View
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The Insurance Man New Hot
(Added on 05-Apr-2015)
Sally decides she needs to insure that pussy of hers , who would show up but a smoking HOT BBC (I know, what's the luck, right) not only does he know his policies he also knows how to use that 10" cock he's packing, BUT before he can write a policy he must first check out the goods ....and does he ever, he soon has Sally in about every position possible and finishes with giving her a mouth full of CUM
The Insurance Man [ 610.73 MB | 14:01 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Caged Dungeon Slave New Hot
(Added on 17-Mar-2015)
NEW EXTRA HOT Deauxma/ Nina Hartley/ Sally D'angelo all STAR line-up
Caged Dungeon Slave Deauxma is at the mercy of Nina Hartley and Sally D'angelo as the defenseless maiden begs and pleads for her freedom as the two Domme's terrorize her as they take turns whipping her and submitting her to sexual acts for their pleasure ..... then after the night or torment ,they lock her back up in her cage only to be abused another day
Caged Dungeon Slave vol 1 [ 1437.35 MB | 32:42 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Masturbation Videos New Hot
(Added on 09-Mar-2015)
Site Members demand ......Beginning of a NEW Series of Masturbation videos .....members have been asking for more masturbation videos and i shall deliver ....enjoy
Masturbation vol 1 [ 819.36 MB | 13:52 min:sec | 1920 x 1080 px MP4 Video View
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(Added on 24-Feb-2015)
Sally D'angelo discovers her car has a light coming on on the dash panel and makes haste to the closest auto repair she can find, she spots in the distance "DICK'S GARAGE" not only does the name catch her attention but when she gets inside she later learns the reason behind the name "BIG DICK" as it is run by a very handsome black man....Sally cannot wait to get him naked and use his "dip stick" finds out there is nothing really wrong with her car so she offers to "tip" the mechanic starts off sucking his huge cock and then fucks this guy until he delivers a massive load of cum on her face and titties .... Interracial , blow job , cum shot , facial ,fucking , big cock , big tits's all in this one
BIG DICK'S GARAGE [ 651.08 MB | 17:31 min:sec | 1280 x 720 px MP4 Video View
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How to Suck A Cock 101 New Hot
(Added on 20-Feb-2015)
Sally D'angelo and the Beautiful Charlee Chase are teaching a Coarse on "How To Suck A Guy's Cock" and get him off plus an extra bonus on licking up the CUM
How To Suck A Cock 101 [ 660.80 MB | 11:01 min:sec | 1920 x 1080 px MP4 Video View
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