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Interracial 1 New Hot
(Added on 16-May-2016)
5 Movie Pack of My best Interracial
Mandingo Addicted [ 672.31 MB | 16:41 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Massage and Fuck me [ 732.42 MB | 18:54 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Gotta Have My BBC [ 885.17 MB | 20:01 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally's First IR [ 1267.44 MB | 28:34 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
The Interview [ 1017.01 MB | 23:06 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Cheaters ,4 Hoe's in ONE ,Monkey Business, Class Reunion, The Cuntry Club HOOKER New Hot
(Added on 22-Apr-2016)
Cheating Wife..... Starring........... Sally D'angelo..... Nicky Rebel........ Married bitches, they're all whores..... my wife thinks she sneeky but I have everything on tape, her boyfriend helped me photograph the whole liasion , what a fucking slut, she tells me she's going on a weeend getaway with her girlfriends, but in reality she's going off to fuck her 25 year old big dicked boyfriend, now what the fuck does she have in common with a 25 year old .....what a fucking slut.... Creampie, MILF, Cougar, Sneeking, whore, Fucking, Blow-job , Bitch, Married, Wife ....... 4 Hoe's in ONE....... These sluts get down and dirty just for you in the privacy of their own bedrooms Sally D'angelo, Leilani Lei, 21 year old Olivia Kasady and triple G cups Harlynn Rae all stroke their pussies just for you...... the whores are all insatiable , are you man enough to jump in ....masturbation,orgasms,high heels, bare feet, naughty bitches, pussy stroking.............................. ...................................... The Cuntry Club HOOKER..... The Cuntry Club............ Bragging about her new job making big bucks at the country club to her girl friend on the phone, a friend of her son arrives unexpectedly and tells her that, guess what, he works at the same club and saw her. Implied blackmail hits our working girl Sally and her fellow employee and friend of her son wants to sample the goods! But the look of hot lust in his eyes sends Sally into an all too eager disposition to satisfy not only him, but herself as well! Hard to tell who's doing the fucking and who's getting fucked in this scorching hot coupling! Sally makes sure he's able to give all the club members a really hot recommendation about her qualifications to satisfy them! A round of golf, a few drinks, a steak dinner and a hot fuck...I'll join that club and I don't golf! Features blackmail, interracial, bathing suit, hooker mom, country club hooker, big tits and cream pie! Monkey Business...... Remember when you were in college, and had your family home all to yourself , problem is none of your friends can make it over, so you call an escort service...... but she's late, (and you fall asleep) before you know it she's in the door stalking you, she's to HOT to resist even though you know you do not have any money, you keep lying about whom you are , she falls for the trick, you fuck her like a sex crazed it's her turn, where are you going to come up with the cash? She takes over your house your life, your her new pimp and her old pimp is not so keen on having you around the tune of risky business .... Interracial, Blow job, fucking, hooker, cum shot, cougar, MILF, Big Tits, BBC Class Reunion......... .....Ever go to one of your class reunions? This one turned out better than most, Sally D'angelo and Payton Hall have been best friends since childhood and always in trouble, one night (while they were young) and waiting on their boyfriends to pick them up, one thing led to another and the simply "FUCKED" each other , both girls had such emotions afterwards that they just refused to talk about it, and that is where this story begins at the class reunion, both have been avoiding ea other ever since that night not realizing each had amazing sex and loved it, they meet ,they have a few drinks, they confide in their feelings for each other and end up in bed, this is not your typical girl girl video, these two are actually in love with each other, Sally actually calls her husband to tell him she's staying with Payton ..........very sensuous love making all the way through , ....Did your wife leave you for a woman ? Ever want to watch two ladies make love? Soft and sensuous love making by two ladies from start to finish. GIRL GIRL, LESBIAN, SENSUAL, LOVERS, KISSING, ORGASMS
Class Reunion [ 366.33 MB | 21:10 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Funny Business [ 156.51 MB | 18:17 min:sec | 1280 x 720 px MP4 Video View
The Cuntry Club HOOKER [ 137.86 MB | 13:02 min:sec | 1280 x 720 px MP4 Video View
4 Hoe's In ONE [ 355.85 MB | 29:39 min:sec | 1280 x 720 px MP4 Video View
Cheating Wife [ 318.74 MB | 21:06 min:sec | 1280 x 720 px MP4 Video View
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City Inspector ... Happy Insurance Adjuster......COPS New Hot
(Added on 08-Apr-2016)
COPS....your busted.... Sally D'angelo............. Jonathan Jordan......... 3 pm Thursday afternoon Los Angeles California, I'm Jack Friday....Working the candy girl detail , candy girls, hookers, crack whores, prostitutes all the same meaning in a dead end job, the day starts out normally...then a score picks me up and takes me back to her room a , she was different, classy, educated, a woman in total control, (I was wishing I did not have to arrest her) the kind of girl you want to be balls deep in every night.... She makes her move, I hand her the money , case closed.......wait a minute she's a COP working the same assignment with another department and she wants to arrest me ....after checking credentials we decide.... What The FUCK , we work all day and do not make one tenth what a whore does plus none of the fun, ...she looked at me and said lets FUCK on the counties money.... BBC, Lingerie, High-Heels, Creampie, Big-Tits, ........................................................ The Happy Insurance Adjuster......... Sally D'angelo....... Dorkey D..... I was on my way home the other day texting with my girlfriend and out of the blue a dumbass stopped right in front of me (couldn't he see I was on the damn phone) people just do not have any manners anymore ....anyway long story short, the stupid insurance company did not want pay the claim saying I haven't paid my auto insurance in months ... I told her (DUH) " I'm paying that until I need it" why pay a stupid bill if I don't need it (until now) ...She sends the adjuster out , he's kinda cute but all business you know the type but like my mama always told me "Sally Elaine" (she always added Elaine when I was in trouble) those BIG tits and firm ass might work on the rest of the world but not here young lady" ...... mama, how true how true ... Interracial,BBC, BIG TITS, CUMSHOT, Seduced, Lingerie,High Heels, ......................... City Inspector………………… Sally D’angelo……………….. Don Prince……………………. Sally has a new home, (one her husband built) he tells her “make sure those inspections go through” she’s getting dolled up for a night of fun with hubby when the city inspector shows up , he wants to check out the plumbing (she wants to check out his pipes as well) he stumbles across the lingerie she plans to wear that night and asks if she would try it on for him….. she thinks what the hell we need this house to pass BBC, Blonde, Blow job, Fucking, Creampie, Cougar, MILF, Big Tits....
City Inspector [ 491.74 MB | 16:49 min:sec | 1920 x 1080 px MP4 Video View
Happy Insurance Adjuster [ 250.11 MB | 21:11 min:sec | 1280 x 720 px MP4 Video View
COPS [ 287.34 MB | 21:00 min:sec | 1280 x 720 px MP4 Video View
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Fucking Grandma New Hot
(Added on 23-Feb-2016)
Fucking Grandma TABOO Chris stops by to see his Grandma Sally D'angelo......He's always had naughty crush on her and he jacks off frequently thinking about pounding her pussy (have you ever done that) , he goes into the guest room, and just seeing her he has to relieve himself (fap one) in the bathroom, unfortunately for Chris he grabs a bottle of GLUE (thinking it was lube) and applied it to his cock and starts whacking away until the glue starts to set and by that time it's too late, naked with a hand now stuck to his boner and his Grandma coming down the hallway, what else is there to do but hide in the bathroom , soon Sally demands he opens the door and surprise there is the grandson with his hand stuck on his hard cock and granny getting mighty horny... Taboo, fucking, blow job, titty fucking, CUM shot, cougar
Fucking Grandma [ 582.18 MB | 15:58 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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The Boy Next Door New Hot
(Added on 30-Jan-2016)
The Tutor............. Sally D'angelo....... Taylor Stiff............ Being slow in school doesn't mean you can't get the "HEAD" of the class...... My mom and dad have money to burn, so when I saw that new tutor at school I just had to make a play for that hot Bitch's HOT ass it turned out , she's the school whore and has a graduate class in the birds and the bees .... take my advice if you ever wanted to bang that teacher....."I'm having a terrible time with my studies, could you CUM by my house and help me?".....make sure mom and dad's not home ....... cougar, MILF, fucking, blow job, cream pie, older woman young man, big tits ,glasses , high heels Indian Casino.............. Sally D'angelo.............. Shelley Bartonelli......... Flew in to my favorite Indian Casino the other night (these guys are definitely getting their gold back) as I was passing through the lobby I noticed this handsome young Brave ....hmm I thought, (bet I can seduce his ass with no problem).... "Operator, I'm having a problem with my remote" "could you send that young guy up from the lobby" " what, his family owns the place? ...send him up" "and tell him not to forget his piece pipe" ............. Cougar, MILF, entrapment, fucking, cum in mouth, COUGAR NEXTDOOR............. Sally D'angelo........................ Taylor Stiff............................. Have you ever wondered what that great looking COUGAR down the street is thinking? Always coming home in those high heels and miniskirts , well this neighborhood cougar has bedded every guy on the block and now she sets her sites on her girlfriends virgin son Taylor,...he's in college and has never had any pussy....until NOW, how the conniving slut lures her prey into her web ..... Taylor Stiffs first (very first) pornography movie where he actually has sex with a porn star...COUGAR,MILF, AMATEUR,TITTY FUCK, VIRGIN, CUM SHOT, HIGH HEELS,SMOKING, FUCKING, BLOW JOB................................. The Boy Next Door................. Sally D'angelo and Brooke Tyler are flying into Las Vegas for the annual AVN porn awards banquet , while on the plane they flirt with the cute guy across the aisle ,(watching him get a boner with no place to put it) both girls get a kick out of doing this in public.....they get to the hotel and get checked in when they discover who else is their neighbor next door but the young man (who we'll call Lucky) from the plane, so being "neighborly" they invite him into their room, doesn't take these two cougars long to get out of their clothes and on the bed in a quick 69 to put on a show for the young gent...then they invite him to join in, (he's packing a nice big cock for both of them) as they both suck his cock and fuck him in a wild threesome climaxed with a huge creampie (best creampie of the year category) in Sally's pussy .....threesome fucking, blow job, big tits, big cock, creampie, cougar fucking, MILf fucking
The Boy Next Door [ 764.78 MB | 18:13 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
COUGAR NEXTDOOR II [ 1278.26 MB | 33:52 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Indian Casino [ 751.60 MB | 20:16 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
The Tutor [ 472.46 MB | 13:16 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Mean Mommy New Hot
(Added on 02-Jan-2016)
Available In HD In The ONLINE STORE
Mean Mommy...................Also available for sale download HD in the online store................ Sally D'angelo is one mean BITCH , especially when she just caught her youngest son jacking off in her panties , so motherfucker, you like panties do you , drop to your fucking knees and smell this (forces him down andrubs her pussy and ass in his face) does it smell good, ...huh does it? Strip down panty boy as I stuff my ass in your face , ohhhhh look at this panty boy has a hard cock, fuck me with my panties on your head, and you better fuck your mommy right, "y'all hear me son" or else, then cum in my pussy and get the fuck out of here...... Face Sitting, panty sniffing, fucking, blow job, TABOO, Creampie
Mean Mommy [ 587.95 MB | 13:31 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Swingers Can my Husband FUCK your ASS New Hot
(Added on 10-Dec-2015)
Swingers "Can my husband FUCK your ASS" Hi I'm Sally D'angelo, thought i would invite my girlfriend Deauxma for some hot passion in bed, little did I realize her husband had tagged along , she got me so hot with those double G tits of hers, licking my pussy and before you know it hubby is in the sack with us , not only does he want to fuck me, he wants to fuck me in the ass, ok baby go for it , shove that big cock up my ass, but only if you give me an anal creampie , so get to work and fuck me in the ass Mr Deauxma........... girl/girl action...b/g anal action
promo trailer [ 119.67 MB | 3:16 min:sec | 640 x 480 px Video Preview Download
Swingers ,,,,Can my husband FUCK your ASS [ 348.98 MB | 8:26 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Oldies But Goodies
(Added on 09-Dec-2015)
Collection of Videos from Days gone By
Sally does the pool Boy [ 498.19 MB | 13:05 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally does The Traveling Salesman [ 1330.53 MB | 30:38 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
The New Hired Hand [ 1007.23 MB | 22:48 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally MEATS the Meek Squad [ 765.71 MB | 17:25 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
BONUS CLIP The Furnace Repairman [ 410.39 MB | 9:29 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Girls Girls Girls New Hot
(Added on 09-Dec-2015)
Hot Lesbian Girl Girl Videos Starring Sally D'angelo, Brooke Tyler, Sexy Vanessa, Leilani Lei and Rita Daniels Five HOT MOVIES Five HOT Stars
Sally and Rita Girls just wanna have SEX [ 1278.85 MB | 29:00 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally ,Rita and Leilani 3way GIRLS Action [ 1000.42 MB | 22:45 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally and Brooke Tyler in HOT Sheets [ 628.37 MB | 15:36 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally ,Brooke Tyler and Sexy Vanessa........NAKED FUCKING [ 787.33 MB | 19:35 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally and Leilani Lei in HOT CHICKS [ 797.67 MB | 17:59 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Filling Grandma Full of CUM II New Hot
(Added on 06-Oct-2015)
Filling Granny With CUM II If you have seen Home Invasion , then you know Grandma Sally D'angelo was told to fuck her Grandson John or there would be big trouble. But as it turned out the more they fucked the more they liked it...... Many months have passed since that night and the two were recently alone again , Sally wanted to set the record straight that what happened was to NEVER happen again. John doesn't see it that way, he was so excited about the ordeal that he wants more of that Grandma pussy and when he sees his Grandma in a string bikini he just cannot control himself, she pleads with him that this is wrong ,but soon they are fucking and sucking like swingers , John has such a uncontrollable lust for her he cannot think straight, he even fucks her in the kitchen, so off to the bedroom they go so John can give his Grandma a huge creampie .... TABOO /FUCKING/BLOW JOB/ CREAMPIE
Filling Grandma FULL of CUM II [ 646.57 MB | 16:20 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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