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AirTight MILFs New Hot
(Added on 31-Oct-2016)
****************Coaches Wife.................. Sally D'angelo.................. John Long......................... Hello coach ....WHAT? you won't be home until later and you want me to entertain your star running back , well I guess I can do that ........I'll entertain him all right, no problem ................"This kid can FUCK and what a nice TEN INCH TOOL" He gave me a creampie ,and within a minute was back in the saddle fucking me like a wild buck, second time he shoots a huge load on my ass ,( he's a double CUMMER) .... needless to say this guy got into my end zone I think I'll keep him around for a while...... "Honey, is there any way you could get him to help me out each week, he's quite handy" ...... BBC, Blondes and BLACK, MILF, Cougar, CREAMPIE, CUM SHOT ,Interracial BLACKdoor Friends are BEST........ Sally D'angelo......... Rita Daniels............ Mr Nutz.................. Don Prince............. We haven't been together in ages (Rita and I) at least without our husbands tagging along, so this night is very special . Two HOT BITCHES in HEAT, Rita always has a trick up her sleeve and this nights no different, unknown to me , she had her car repaired and invited a couple of BLACK STUDS over to fuck us ,(and oh YES they do) we're both a couple of whores and tonight we want some Hot (BIG) Chocolate sticks up our asses ,nothing beats watching your girlfriend get fucked in the ass by a BIG BLACK COCK, (unless of course) your also getting fucked in the ass by one to .....yeah that's right give it to me NIGGA , CUM in my ass motherfucker so I can have my girlfriend lick it clean......... ANAL, INTERRACIAL, ANAL CREAMPIE, EATING AN ANAL CREAMPIE, GROUP SEX, CHEATING WIVES ,MILFs, BBC ,CAUTION: Nword................ AirTight MILFs......... "A Cock up our ASS one in our PUSSIES and one in our MOUTHS" Sally D'angelo...... Rita Daniels....... Richard Mann..... Shaundam..... Mr Nutz..... Don Prince..... Ludus Adonis..... Puzzy Bandit..... ...................IN Airtight MILFs......... Sally D'angelo and Rita Daniels have made it to the top in their adult toy manufacturing, sitting in their offices one day looking over some of their product line one of their black young studs happened to stop by , before long five other black males stopped by to see how the girls were doing, bot Sally and Rita fuck these guys on a regular basis but normally just one or two at a time, this afternoon is promising to be quite different ....... The girls say hey, let's shoot a movie ,one that has never been done before ,how about if we fuck all six of you guys at once, one in our pussies one in our mouths and the other in our ASS ...making us AIRTIGHT..........these ladies know how to fuck they both take cocks up their ASS up to thirteen inches long, the black men have their way with these two whores , they fuck them in every hole.........ANAL, GANG BANG ,Double Penetration, BIG Black Cocks (BBC), MILFs, Big Tits, CUM shots, ANAL creampie, blow jobs, Interracial, Whores, Black on White ,DP PLUS************** HAMMERED***** Interracial GangBang............ Sally D'angelo........ Mr Nutz.......... Don Prince....... Rockney Dangerfield...... .............. Hammered by three black construction husband has been overseas on business for well over a month and his southern belle wife is getting quite horny, I was left in charge of getting some renovations done on my home and three black handsome men show up to do the job , (made my pussy wet) as soon as I opened the door, had to line them out and go to the pool for a smoke and a drink, ha maybe one too many .....the foreman watched me stroke my pussy while fantasizing about fucking all three of them , maybe it was my husband has been away to long or possibly the booze that let my inhabitations down, or maybe it's just I'm a whore .....I just got to FUCK these guys .... 4 way gang bang, blow jobs, fucking, creampie, black on white , N word trash talk, smoking, masturbation, IR gang bang, MILF
AirTight MILFs [ 821.84 MB | 43:17 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Hammered [ 522.39 MB | 29:34 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
BLACKdoor Friends are Best [ 506.52 MB | 29:22 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Coaches Wife [ 715.01 MB | 21:24 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Me Mom and GrannyParts 1 and 2....My Daughter in Laws 1st Black COCK Parts 1 and 2 New Hot
(Added on 22-Aug-2016)
My Latest Tabo movies BOTH on the BEST SELLERS LIST..... Me Mom and Granny parts 1 and 2......Mt Daughter in Laws 1st Black COCK Parts 1 and 2
Me Mom and Granny [ 1074.15 MB | 24:35 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
My New Daughter In Law Part 1 [ 606.76 MB | 18:36 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Daughter in Laws 1st BLACK COCK [ 909.06 MB | 24:39 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Me Mom and Granny Part II [ 1307.97 MB | 29:57 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Caught Fucking my TEENAGE Sister [ 898.98 MB | 21:10 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Tokyo Rose Captured New Hot
(Added on 17-Aug-2016)
**************.......... DEAD TIRED............ Sally D'angelo.......... Connor Coxxx.......... ..............Connor is so fucking horny he's climbing the walls and when aunt Sally walks in he wants to fuck her....No Way little boy, I've had that before and I'm not interested, besides I'm so tired I would, been traveling all day and I'm beat, go jack off little man and I'll see you in the morning....... Hmmm wonder how sound a sleeper aunt Sally is, I'll fuck her and she will never know ...........limp fetish, taboo, fucking, face fucking, creampie, sleeping *****My Auntie's a PORNSTAR******** Sally D'angelo............................. Billy Tyler.................................... Hi I'm Billy...I just landed the greatest job on earth, I now work security at all the ADULT XXX conventions, this is my first one and the eye candy around here is unbelievable,.... I was just asked to escort a models to her movie shoot and I get to the room and it's my Aunt Sally, (no way ) but it's true my Aunt Sally D'angelo is a PORNSTAR , I don't know who was surprised more me or Aunt Sal ....after our brief clumsy introduction ( I just had to ask her) "you work here? you fuck other guys on film?" (I said) , "this is unreal Aunt Sal, (and don't be embarrassed ) I find this being just TO HOT and I must admit as a young guy growing up I always fantasized about my Aunt Sal , walking around our swimming pool almost naked in the skimpiest bikinis on the planet ,oh YES I had to excuse myself a few times a day back then ( while I ran inside to jack off)........... Aunt Sally looked me straight in the eye and said " today Billy I'm going to make you a man" "Hurry up and FUCK me,...get me ready for my movie" ..............TABOO, FUCKING,BLOW JOB,TITTY FUCKING,BIG GGG TITS, YOUNG MAN OLDER WOMAN, LINGERIE,HIGH HEELS **************Tokyo Rose...Captured........ Starring...... Pornstars Newest Sensation....... Rose Royal, Sally D'angelo,& Jonathon......... ******Japanese NEW Asian Starlet Rose Royal and her FIRST EVER Black Cock******* Sally D'angelo returns from Japan with quite a capture ,(Introducing Pornstars newest sensation) Rose Royal or better known as Tokyo Rose,.... Rose hasn't quite figured out why Sally is so kind to her , offering her a job at her mansion , paying her airfare, knowing very well that Rose is a wanted criminal. Needless to say, Rose is soon on her way to America with Sally .....Once there , things are never quite what they seem , Sally has a plan, she knows Rose cannot go to the authorities , she's wanted (in almost every country in the world) so what choice does she have but to become a sex slave , but it doesn't stop there , Jonathon has been spying on them (he's the butler) and one of Sally's lovers ,the Mistress spots him, she invites him in on the game , "look at what I caught" " Want to FUCK my Asian Sex toy?"..... " First you FUCK me so I can FACE SIT my little BITCH and have her clean my pussy".....He certainly doesn't want to lose his job, so he FUCKS the Mistress and then FUCKS poor Rose who has NEVER had A BLACK COCK ,a cock this size cannot be found in Japan, he plunges it in as Rose whimpers all to the entertainment of Mistress Salia .......Evil Mistress, Bondage, Gagged, Made to Eat CUM, Face Sitting, Lick CUM, Asian Girl, Slave, BBC, CUM in Pussy.....
Tokyo Rose Captured [ 1111.25 MB | 27:29 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
My Auntie The PORNSTAR [ 635.85 MB | 17:33 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
DEAD TIRED [ 1278.32 MB | 30:30 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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5 Blockbuster TABOO MOVIES New Hot
(Added on 27-May-2016)
ASS Fucking my Mother in Law...............Mommy's Youngest Girl...........Family Affair..........Fucking Mommy ll............ Mommy GangBang..........
Anal Fucking My Mother in Law [ 310.26 MB | 15:56 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Mommy's Youngest Girl [ 309.84 MB | 18:22 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Family Affair [ 262.09 MB | 14:02 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Mommy GangBang [ 426.08 MB | 22:23 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Fucking Mommy ll [ 590.56 MB | 13:23 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Sally's BEST Interracial New Hot
(Added on 27-May-2016)
BLACK PIPED W/ Rob Piper And Brooke Tyler..............The BULL ........Naughty Landlord.......Black Balled at the Bachelor Party.......BLACK Hooker
Black Balled at the Bachelor Party GANGBANG [ 617.79 MB | 31:48 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Naughty Landlord with Richard Mann [ 425.76 MB | 24:29 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
BLACK Hooker [ 487.86 MB | 12:30 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
The BULL [ 622.41 MB | 14:06 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
BLACK PIPED [ 1330.51 MB | 30:29 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Interracial 1 New Hot
(Added on 16-May-2016)
5 Movie Pack of My best Interracial
Mandingo Addicted [ 672.31 MB | 16:41 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Massage and Fuck me [ 732.42 MB | 18:54 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Gotta Have My BBC [ 885.17 MB | 20:01 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally's First IR [ 1267.44 MB | 28:34 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
The Interview [ 1017.01 MB | 23:06 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Class Reunion New Hot
(Added on 22-Apr-2016)
Class Reunion......... .....Ever go to one of your class reunions? This one turned out better than most, Sally D'angelo and Payton Hall have been best friends since childhood and always in trouble, one night (while they were young) and waiting on their boyfriends to pick them up, one thing led to another and the simply "FUCKED" each other , both girls had such emotions afterwards that they just refused to talk about it, and that is where this story begins at the class reunion, both have been avoiding ea other ever since that night not realizing each had amazing sex and loved it, they meet ,they have a few drinks, they confide in their feelings for each other and end up in bed, this is not your typical girl girl video, these two are actually in love with each other, Sally actually calls her husband to tell him she's staying with Payton ..........very sensuous love making all the way through , ....Did your wife leave you for a woman ? Ever want to watch two ladies make love? Soft and sensuous love making by two ladies from start to finish. GIRL GIRL, LESBIAN, SENSUAL, LOVERS, KISSING, ORGASMS
Class Reunion [ 366.33 MB | 21:10 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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12 Inches A Slave New Hot
(Added on 08-Apr-2016)
12 Inches A Slave................ Sally D'angelo has been running a dungeon out of her basement for many years. It's a vicious cycle, she has her muscle scour the town looking for unsuspecting souls to chain, they befriend the poor bastard, wait for him to pass out and then throw him to dungeon, normally he's fed to the lions, but this slave is special, he's strong, handsome, and has quite a tool and the Queen is anxiously waiting to meet the new slave, she inspects him, checks out his physic ,then checks out his 12" cock, hmmmm she says, this specimen will CUM in quite handy around here, maybe even replace the current general, she coos , then he proves how strong he is by busting loose from the shackles ....briefly stunned ,the queen realizes she is still in control, he may be violent, but she has him tamed , I want that cock" and "I want it NOW" she demands ...They FUCK as two wild animals, he has such a huge cock but the Queen takes it without a problem, in her mouth in her pussy they fuck in every way imaginable ,then she demands he SEED the Queen and per instructions he does, a MASSIVE CREAMPIE cum blowing out of her pussy and down her ass and thighs ....BUT there is one more command "Throw that SON OF A BITCH that drug you out here to the Lions, "You're the NEW Slave in charge" ............. Male Domination, FUCKING, Blow Job, Restrained, MASSIVE CREAMPIE
12 Inches A Slave [ 848.00 MB | 19:06 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Fucking Grandma New Hot
(Added on 23-Feb-2016)
Fucking Grandma TABOO Chris stops by to see his Grandma Sally D'angelo......He's always had naughty crush on her and he jacks off frequently thinking about pounding her pussy (have you ever done that) , he goes into the guest room, and just seeing her he has to relieve himself (fap one) in the bathroom, unfortunately for Chris he grabs a bottle of GLUE (thinking it was lube) and applied it to his cock and starts whacking away until the glue starts to set and by that time it's too late, naked with a hand now stuck to his boner and his Grandma coming down the hallway, what else is there to do but hide in the bathroom , soon Sally demands he opens the door and surprise there is the grandson with his hand stuck on his hard cock and granny getting mighty horny... Taboo, fucking, blow job, titty fucking, CUM shot, cougar
Fucking Grandma [ 582.18 MB | 15:58 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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The Grand BITCH New Hot
(Added on 12-Feb-2016)
Executive Producer and Writer Kyle Kinder
The Grand Bitch CAUTION: Racial Tension If You DO NOT like Racial Slurs (for example the "N" word) DO NOT BUY THIS VIDEO What happens when the Lilly white wife of The Grand Dragon himself has a car breakdown?, (and seeking help), knocks on the door of a black stud who happens to have a penchant for tasty white pussy?......... He opens the door and recognizes Mrs Grand Bitch, Sally D'Angelo, dressed in Lilly white from the top of her low cut dress down to her tall 'fuck me' pumps and makes a plan to fuck her and record it and blackmail her. He's so kind, hiding his devious purpose between the offer to use his phone and having a few drinks to calm her. Plied with booze and kindness, and an overwhelming desire to find out if these black studs are really well hung or not, Sally does some secret seducing of her own despite her tipsy condition. She likes that big black cock the instant she wraps her fingers around it and intends to find out what it feels like fucking her. Spreading her long white stocking clad legs wide and high she finds out just how good this black stud is as he takes her missionary, completely covering her beneath him as they kiss passionately and he thunder fucks her from orgasm to orgasm. A massive cum shot oozing from her well fucked pussy leads him to try the black mail......... But Sally's not to be trifled with and reminds him that The Grand Ol'Man will be here shortly to pick her up and won't take kindly to a black stud fucking his wife, insinuating that she'll tell him he FUCKED her ,loaded her down with a ooozing CREAMPIE (who wants to show him the "PIE" you or me, she says with a wicked smile........ Then she demands a weekly stud service from him and suddenly she's in charge and gets everything she wants, as she always does. Features seriously hard fucking, cum oozing pussy, interracial exploration, black mail, turning the tables, hot wife, drunk seduction, smoking, thigh high stockings, stilettos
The Grand BITCH [ 1241.34 MB | 29:56 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
The Grand BITCH Trailer [ 11.30 MB | 0:19 min:sec | 640 x 480 px Video Preview Download
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