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The Boy Next Door New Hot
(Added on 30-Jan-2016)
The Boy Next Door................. Sally D'angelo and Brooke Tyler are flying into Las Vegas for the annual AVN porn awards banquet , while on the plane they flirt with the cute guy across the aisle ,(watching him get a boner with no place to put it) both girls get a kick out of doing this in public.....they get to the hotel and get checked in when they discover who else is their neighbor next door but the young man (who we'll call Lucky) from the plane, so being "neighborly" they invite him into their room, doesn't take these two cougars long to get out of their clothes and on the bed in a quick 69 to put on a show for the young gent...then they invite him to join in, (he's packing a nice big cock for both of them) as they both suck his cock and fuck him in a wild threesome climaxed with a huge creampie (best creampie of the year category) in Sally's pussy .....threesome fucking, blow job, big tits, big cock, creampie, cougar fucking, MILf fucking
The Boy Next Door [ 764.78 MB | 18:13 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Mean Mommy New Hot
(Added on 02-Jan-2016)
Available In HD In The ONLINE STORE
Mean Mommy...................Also available for sale download HD in the online store................ Sally D'angelo is one mean BITCH , especially when she just caught her youngest son jacking off in her panties , so motherfucker, you like panties do you , drop to your fucking knees and smell this (forces him down andrubs her pussy and ass in his face) does it smell good, ...huh does it? Strip down panty boy as I stuff my ass in your face , ohhhhh look at this panty boy has a hard cock, fuck me with my panties on your head, and you better fuck your mommy right, "y'all hear me son" or else, then cum in my pussy and get the fuck out of here...... Face Sitting, panty sniffing, fucking, blow job, TABOO, Creampie
Mean Mommy [ 587.95 MB | 13:31 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Thank You Husband New Hot
(Added on 01-Jan-2016)
Thank You Husband......My husband is such a good cuckold, he got me not one but two very nice looking black men to fuck his wife, isn't that sweet of him ,.... plus they both have 10" tools to work me over with, and mmmm do they give it to me good to , while one is fucking me from behind the other has his rod in my mouth , first they strip off naked, massage and relax me, then it's BALLS DEEP FUCKING ....BBC , Blow Job, Fucking, Cum Shot, Hotwife, whore, ooooooh thank you husband, I've been needing a good FUCK
Thank You Husband [ 732.42 MB | 18:54 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Mandingo Addicted New Hot
(Added on 17-Dec-2015)
Mandingo Addicted Hi I'm Sally D'angelo and I'm addicted to Mandingo COCK , I'm married and some say I'm a whore, I guess it is what it is, but the truth is no White Man can satisfy me, I just have to FUCK Black Cock, I just can't get enough .... So here is my story , I was at the Country Club the other night , without my husband of course, looking for some HOT black COCK , MMMM and there he is ,( I slipped over to make sure he had the right equipment before I took him home) 10" tool BTW.. small talk leads to pillow talk (when I'm on the hunt) , he's a little leery to come back to my place, but I persuade him all's going to be fine, REAL FINE, besides he wants some of this white married pussy and I'm just the girl to give it to him, we end up fucking the night away ,right in my married bed WEG....BTW he spends the night ..... Mandingo Cock, white pussy, fucking, sucking, animal lust, CUM shot ...I suck his cock and let him have me any way he wants , I'm HIS whore tonight ........** * Production Note: as you know, every once in a while a new male talent shows up on the scene, most are ho hum, but this guy "Edge" my co-star, is certainly a shoe in for AVN in 2016, as I brought you Stallion last year ( AVN new comer of the year 2015) Edge will certainly join him in 2016
Mandingo Addicted [ 672.31 MB | 16:41 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Swingers Can my Husband FUCK your ASS New Hot
(Added on 10-Dec-2015)
Swingers "Can my husband FUCK your ASS" Hi I'm Sally D'angelo, thought i would invite my girlfriend Deauxma for some hot passion in bed, little did I realize her husband had tagged along , she got me so hot with those double G tits of hers, licking my pussy and before you know it hubby is in the sack with us , not only does he want to fuck me, he wants to fuck me in the ass, ok baby go for it , shove that big cock up my ass, but only if you give me an anal creampie , so get to work and fuck me in the ass Mr Deauxma........... girl/girl action...b/g anal action
promo trailer [ 119.67 MB | 3:16 min:sec | 640 x 480 px Video Preview Download
Swingers ,,,,Can my husband FUCK your ASS [ 348.98 MB | 8:26 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Oldies But Goodies
(Added on 09-Dec-2015)
Collection of Videos from Days gone By
Sally does the pool Boy [ 498.19 MB | 13:05 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally does The Traveling Salesman [ 1330.53 MB | 30:38 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
The New Hired Hand [ 1007.23 MB | 22:48 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally MEATS the Meek Squad [ 765.71 MB | 17:25 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
BONUS CLIP The Furnace Repairman [ 410.39 MB | 9:29 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Girls Girls Girls New Hot
(Added on 09-Dec-2015)
Hot Lesbian Girl Girl Videos Starring Sally D'angelo, Brooke Tyler, Sexy Vanessa, Leilani Lei and Rita Daniels Five HOT MOVIES Five HOT Stars
Sally and Rita Girls just wanna have SEX [ 1278.85 MB | 29:00 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally ,Rita and Leilani 3way GIRLS Action [ 1000.42 MB | 22:45 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally and Brooke Tyler in HOT Sheets [ 628.37 MB | 15:36 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally ,Brooke Tyler and Sexy Vanessa........NAKED FUCKING [ 787.33 MB | 19:35 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
Sally and Leilani Lei in HOT CHICKS [ 797.67 MB | 17:59 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Filling Grandma Full of CUM II New Hot
(Added on 06-Oct-2015)
Filling Granny With CUM II If you have seen Home Invasion , then you know Grandma Sally D'angelo was told to fuck her Grandson John or there would be big trouble. But as it turned out the more they fucked the more they liked it...... Many months have passed since that night and the two were recently alone again , Sally wanted to set the record straight that what happened was to NEVER happen again. John doesn't see it that way, he was so excited about the ordeal that he wants more of that Grandma pussy and when he sees his Grandma in a string bikini he just cannot control himself, she pleads with him that this is wrong ,but soon they are fucking and sucking like swingers , John has such a uncontrollable lust for her he cannot think straight, he even fucks her in the kitchen, so off to the bedroom they go so John can give his Grandma a huge creampie .... TABOO /FUCKING/BLOW JOB/ CREAMPIE
Filling Grandma FULL of CUM II [ 646.57 MB | 16:20 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Naughty teacher New Hot
(Added on 20-Sep-2015)
Ever have that crush on your teacher or professor? Remember how you wanted to fuck her? What if you would had that chance back in school, would you have the balls to bang her? Even if you know your girlfriend could pop back in anytime minute? Did you get an "A" for fucking,sucking and making out when in school?.... What if the teacher of your dreams taught that would you take the course? What if she showed up at your door and seduced you for the final exam, would you go for it?... Well inside this story teacher/professor Sally D'angelo seduces andteaches all the moves to her student Connor Cox with nonstop action even when Connors girlfriend catches them in the act, as the sparks fly Sally puts the little bitch right in her place and doesn't miss a stroke on her boyfriends 10" COCK ... SNEAKING/FUCKING/HAND JOB/BLOW JOB/ DOGGY/ TITTY CUM SHOT , is all taught in this one, sit back and fantasize this is you
Naughty Teacher [ 1142.02 MB | 31:02 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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Mommy Made Us FUCK New Hot
(Added on 16-Jul-2015)
Sally D'angelo's NEW Marriage is right on schedule (her eight) she's already in bed with her step daughter Camille and guess who happens to be sneaking a peek of the action , none other than the young brother...."come in here you little fucker" "so you like watching us fuck each other do you" "get your fucking clothes off you little prick" "I'm going to make you fuck your sister" MOM please i can't fuck him, "shut up" "your going to fuck him and I'm going to have all the blackmail information I will ever need ....."so what are we waiting for? pull that COCK out and FUCK your Sister"
Mommy Made Us FUCK [ 487.49 MB | 12:25 min:sec | 640 x 480 px MP4 Video View
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