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Name : Sally D’Angelo
Height : 5' 1"
Weight : 107
Stats : 38FF - 24 - 36
Birthdate : March 12, 1954
Eyes : Blue
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Born dirt poor in the hills of Tennessee, Sally D’Anglelo will be the first to tell you that she learned very early in life how to win people over with what she calls her Dolly Parton personality, that’s right, her big tits and bigger smile!

Sally’s journey in becoming an adult entertainer began very early in life. While she tried to take part in the fun and games that other little girls her age enjoyed, Sally found herself more drawn to the images of the naked women who graced the pages of her father’s Playboy magazines. Sneaking one of her father’s magazines away whenever she could, Sally spent many private hours hiding in the corner of her bedroom and masturbating as she fantasized about someday being one of these beautiful women herself. Sally had no idea then how much these feelings she had inside would influence her life many years down the road.

As Sally moved on, her sexuality became very confusing to her. To most, she was considered one of the lucky ones, she was pretty, outgoing and on the high school cheerleading squad. Being one of the popular girls on campus came at a price however, forcing Sally to suppress all of the sexual urges she had going in inside her and to succumb to the social norms expected of her high achieving status. But something was wrong and Sally knew it. It would not be until a chance encounter, several years later, to right that wrong.

That chance encounter happened in Sally’s early 20’s in the form of an almost accidental threesome which broke the sexual barrier which allowed Sally to finally begin to explore her true sexuality. This encounter was also her introduction to the female anatomy. The experience turned out to be far more erotic than any of the fantasies Sally had masturbated to hundreds of times during her adolescent and teen years, she knew immediately that the touch and the taste of a female is what was missing in her life. That day Sally ate her first pussy and she hasn’t stopped since! Of course Sally still craved the feel of a man inside her every orifice which helped to opened up many doors, pun intended, to some very kinky sexual exploits including gang bangs, group sex and Sally’s favorite sexual act of all, exhibitionism.

Sally continued to explore her newly discovered sexual desires while she also began her professional career in mainstream America. She rose quickly from blue collar to an executive position however, there was something missing. And then one evening while pondering her life over a drink at the bar, out of the blue, she was offered a waitress job. At this very moment in her life,a waitress seemed far more exciting than her career as a successful business executive so she jumped at the opportunity. Waitressing led to bar tending, bar tending led to dancing and dancing led Sally to try her hand at performing in a few XXX movies which she very much enjoyed!

Sally met two very special people, while attending a porn and lifestyle convention in the late 80’s. These two people would both have a very long lasting and profound impact on her life. First was her husband to whom she remains happily married to this very day. When speaking of her husband Sally will tell you, “Nobody blows my skirt up the way he does, nobody!” Sally’s second special encounter of that day was none other than adult film mega star Nina Hartley who Sally says walked up to her and said, "Baby, you got what it takes to go big in the adult industry". And while it is unlikely that Ms. Hartley would remember that chance encounter, Sally never forgot those words which would greatly influence a life changing decision some 20 years later.

Now married, Sally moved back into a more mainstream lifestyle that better suited her and her husband’s professional careers. That didn't stop the sex however and Sally’s husband help feed her ravenous appetite through a number of more private venues that provided them both the opportunity to constantly engage in new and exciting sexual experiences. Sally’s desire to perform in front of others never subsided and she simply moved her exhibitionism activities to a much more intimate setting.

Retirement has now come to Sally and her husband which has brought her to this new and exciting chapter in her life. Learning through a friend in the industry that “Cougar Porn” was in high demand, and with the blessing of her husband, Sally jump back into the adult entertainment industry tits up and ready to fuck! “This is my dream job” Sally says with a sinister smile on her face, “I am the original MILF and I never even knew what a MILF was until just a short time ago.” Sally goes on to say, “I have an enormous sex drive and I love performing in front of people so the adult film and entertainment industry was the perfect move for me at this stage in my life.”

There is more to the adult entertainment business than money to Sally, she loves the industry simply because it provides her a much needed outlet to perform. On the set, Sally is oblivious of the cameras that are capturing all the hot action as she focus all her energy on performing the hottest sex she can for the crew while fantasizing about the thousands of men and women that will soon be watching and masturbating to her wild sex scenes and photos.

Sally also loves to interact with her fans and does so at every possible opportunity through scheduled appearances at car/motorcycle shows, motorcycle rallies and even at charity golf events. Of course she makes herself available at all the major adult industry conventions as well.

Sally’s generosity goes well beyond her ability to please her adoring fans however. She has never forgotten her humble beginnings and donates heavily to a number of charities, her favorites being those that help children get a head start in life and encourages them to succeed. Sally also has a soft spot for animals and donates to the Humane Society and other animal causes. These are things that are very important to her and she feels blessed to be able to lend her support.

While Sally is just starting her comeback to the adult entertainment industry, she loves every ass pounding and cunt licking minute of it and simply cannot wait for the next opportunity to turn her fans on with more of the hottest MILF porn that only she can provide.